2014-Present Rise Vision

Working on product at Rise Vision offers constantly challenging problems to solve, and I'm addicted to figuring out the problems involved with creating a sustainable and profitable business. When I was hired, our company only offered a free product with basic features. Three years later, I've had the opportunity to oversee and guide many experiments, resulting in a set of premium features and products that are now growing into reliable sources of recurring revenue. 

2011-2014 Assembla

At Assembla, I benefited from beginning to focus on how design could improve growth, rather than just focusing on UI strategy. I started developing the skills needed to help the company create strategies of entering into new markets and serving our current customers. In conjunction with my teammates, I developed the vision for new features and products based on user-centric processes. Became I worked across technology, business, and design teams, our company’s developers frequently sought my advice regarding empathetic design choices. Here is where my current focus on a build, measure, and learn strategy began improving in earnest.

2009-2011 Kinnser Software

When I first started working at Kinnser, our team and revenue metrics were tiny. (To date, the company has experienced massive growth, and I’m proud to have played a role in such growth.) By supporting the marketing efforts and working side-by-side with the Director of Marketing, I helped to develop a strong brand and a consistent message. Additionally, because poor UI choices could lead to the death of patients, I developed a keen eye designing for end users. In this case, nurses and health practitioners - focused on the accuracy of the data they reported - required simple and clear UI. Seven years later, my UI choices are still used by the company’s products.

2007-2009 Medem Inc.

As a UI Designer, I played an active role in the public release of three new products to millions of users. At a time when UI standards had yet to focus on user-centric frameworks, I designed our design strategy with customers in mind, rather than simply designing for teammates.